Saturday, August 20, 2011


     How has it already been 10 months?!? That means in two months I'll have a one year old?!? What? I just cannot believe how fast my baby girl is growing up! Right in front of my eyes that precious little mush pot we welcomed into our lives last October has become a fiesty, intelligent, funny little person with a big personality! Claire keeps me busy and on my toes with her adventurous and determined attitude. This little one does not sit still...not for a second! She loves exploring the house, chasing the dogs, climbing the stairs, pushing her toys around, and pulling up on anything and everything. I didn't know babies could crawl that fast! I'm afraid we will have a walking baby on our hands any day!
     I am blown away by how Claire takes everything in and learns new things so quickly! This has been the most fun, most amazing, ten months of my life!

I rushed outside right after Claire's morning bottle to get pics before it got too hot!
Sweet baby was still a little sleepy!

It is getting harder and harder to get pics of my very busy little girl!

Taking off into the unknown! Fearless!

The neighbors were outside with their dog...Claire couldn't keep her eyes off that puppy!

Love Love Love!
At TEN months...
-Takes a bottle at 8:00 am (when she wakes up). 12:30 pm. 5:00 pm. 8:00 pm (when she goes to sleep). Eats meals/snacks at 9:00ish am. 2:00ish pm. 6:30 pm.
-Naps at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm for about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs (we have very recently had days when Claire has taken only one nap!...I'm hoping we can stay with two naps a day for awhile longer, baby girl might have other plans!)
-Still loves her books! I think this is the only time Claire sits still!
-I have gotten into a horrible habit of turning on a cartoon when Claire takes her bottle...Mickey's Clubhouse or Jungle Junction on demand...seriously the only way I can keep her still! When these shows come on, Claire is in a trance, long enough to take a bottle anyway! 
-Really loving on the dogs, pats them, chases them, giggles and laughs at them, sticks her face out with her eyes closed and waits for kisses from them
-Favorite game is when we stack her blocks and she gets to knock them over, hilarious for her!
-TEETH! 2 on the bottom, 2 (almost 4) on the top
-Obsessed with trying to climb the stairs (having permanent baby gates installed next week)
-Really liking Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches, bagels, blueberries, fresh bananas and raspberries mixed in her oatmeal, animal cookies, guacamole, Cheerios, puffs, YoBaby yogurt, goldfish, and wants to try anything we're eating (won't eat meat or vegetables unless they're mixed with something else)
-Claire had her first pancakes, but wanted nothing to do with them once she discovered bacon!
-Flaps/waves her arms when she is excited or wants our attention!
-Walks with the walker, cannot believe her speed!
-We had to take bunny away for awhile as she learned to throw him out of the crib, SCREAM, get me to come in and put him back in the crib, and then repeat. He was replaced by two lovies and a BlaBla doll.
-Seeing the beginnings of temper tantrums...I have to laugh at how stubborn and determined she is!
-A pro with the sippie cup, loves ice water
-Doesn't like to be fed with a spoon, Miss Independent prefers to scoop up a handful of food off her tray and stuff it in her mouth...messy yes, but totally adorable!
-Claire is also very generous with her food and loves to share it with me, offering me bites she has picked up with her sweet little fingers, love this!

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